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Over the phone we can be contacted on +44 (0)1923 333 111 between 9AM to 6PM Monday to Friday.


You can also email us at sales @


If you are unable to locate an answer to your enquiry or problem then you need to contact our Support Teams at helpdesk @

Our Helpdesk is a secure, authenticated gateway for two way communication with our staff for all aspects of your account. Not just a support tracking system to submit your technical problems for advice and resolution.

All enquiries logged through Helpdesk generate unique tickets that are tracked internally to help ensure a comprehensive paper trail of communications is kept so that all of our consultants are aware of the history of a particular enquiry or problem.

Report Abuse

We take the enforcement of all terms and conditions seriously. You can contact us by any of above method to report abuse. We will respond to any communications within 5 working day of receipt.


We are committed to ensuring our customers receive a high standard of service. Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing or via telephone within five working days of receiving the complaint. It may take little longer to repond if the the issue is particularly complex. Please follow the below guidline to lodge your complaint to us.

Step 1: Lodge Helpdesk Ticket

You should initially lodge your complaint to our support HelpDesk at helpdesk @ The support agent who deals with your query will aim to resolve any outstanding issues and reach an amicable resolution.

Stage 2: Taking your complaint further

If you remain unsatisfied with our helpdesk response you should send an email direct to our dedicated complaints team to complaints @ You MUST include your helpdesk ticket reference number in the subject of your email.

Stage 3: Making a complaint in writing

If after discussing any concerns you are dissatisfied with the response provided, you can make a formal complaint by writing to the relevant department at our mailing address below, detailing your account details and the outstanding complaint.

Mailing Address

Axia Computer Systems Ltd

Axia House, 111, St Alban's Road
Watford, Herts
WD17 1UH

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